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Dawn Of The Dead Banner
George A. Romero

Sequel to "Night Of The Living Dead". It's a couple of days after the dead have started to rise and attack the shocked living and civilisation has started to crumble. In the city of Pittsburgh, USA, TV station workers Stephen and Francine decide to run as the situation worsens and, after meeting Roger and Peter (two special policemen ordered to move any people into rescue stations) who have also choose to run, steal the station's helicopter, and fly away in an attempt to find a safe place. After several attempts they find a deserted mega-mall and decide to wait there until the crisis is over. They clear the mall of the undead and board the entrances up with lorries and then sit down and wait. Can they hold out, not only against the growing, moaning, and hungry masses of the undead outside, against murderous looters, but most importantly of all, can they hold out and not lose their sanity??...

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